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How to Protect your Camera Equipment this Wet Season – Part 1

Litchfield, Top End, Wet Season, Photography

The wet season is here!!

It is that beautiful time again in the Top End, the thundering and torrential wet season! It is now important as ever to protect your camera equipment from the average humidity level of 80%, not to mention the spot of rain you might find yourself in.

Protect your gear from the rain.

I use a pelican case most of the time for my equipment during the wet, better to be safe than sorry! You can pick up some great deals online or there are some fantastic local companies such as Camera House and The NT General Store with great selection to choose from. If you are shopping online, make sure you check the freight costs if it is not included in the advertised price.

You can measure up a pelican case for your requirements. At the moment I have a couple 1520 cases with foam inserts which I have meticulously laid out my equipment in, so I can get the most I can in one case. If lifting is an issue for you and you would like more mobility in your case there are models such as the 1510 and 1560 with castor wheels.

There are also many backpacks online that are waterproof or water resistant. Alot of bags these days also have a fold out rain cover which will get you through some light rain. If you have a pre existing bag that has no protection, you can find some waterproof bag covers in camping stores such as NT General Store and Mitchells. Check out some of these sites to get some ideas;

B&H Camera Bags

Lowepro Camera Bags